Qinghua School closes from 21st March 2020.

Summer Term start dates to be confirmed.

CoronaVirus updates:

Due the following:

- In view of the worsening spread of the virus across the UK over the last few days.

- The concern expressed by the school parents and the teaching staff.

- The latest government advice issued for self-isolation concerning the elderly and the general public.

The School committee has discussed and agreed unanimously that school would close immediately beginning this coming Saturday the 21st March until further notice. The action has been taken to protect the school children and the parents/Teachers from the effect of the spread of the virus.

We will continue to work closely with the UK Public Health Service and the local school management to monitor the situation 

to decide when it is appropriate to re-start the school lessons, should the situation improves.

Please check the school Web site for any latest updates.

QingHua School Committee